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The Possibilities of Personalized Video

By: Josh Stauffer

How different industries can utilize personalized video marketing.

Photo Credit: Matt Bowden

Video is undeniably one of the most engaging and effective ways to communicate with any audience. We’re all familiar with traditional videos; we’ve watched thousands of them. It’s perfect for creating shared experiences by sending a single message to an audience of millions. But today, we can reach people with more relevancy and send unlimited personalized messages to an audience of one.

Even better, as marketers, we can automate the whole process seamlessly. Using a mix of data, platforms and strategic creative, we can do some truly amazing things with video to create personal, unique and memorable experiences for our users.

A 2014 Forrester report found that personalized video can increase email engagement levels by 10 times, boost CTRs by more than 985% and provide a tenfold improvement in return on investment. Additionally, 78% of U.S. internet users said personally relevant content from brands increases their purchase intent.

Let’s explore a few examples to illustrate the possibilities.

Creating Connections: How Different Industries Can Utilize Personalized Video Marketing

Personalized Video in the Financial Services and Insurance Industries

Companies in the financial services and insurance industries can now send onboarding videos tailored to each participant or advisor about the complex products they offer. These personalized videos can include the person’s name, details on products pertaining to their interests and the exact critical next steps they should take.

Personalized Video in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies have the ability to send videos based on customer purchases and product life cycles. These customized videos can include maintenance tips, applicable rebate offers, upsell opportunities and data on smart products, all specific to the recipient.

Personalized Video in the Healthcare Industry

To help facilitate patient connections, hospitals and service providers can send appointment reminder videos specific to the client that include date and time information, directions for arrival and things to prepare for ahead of time.

The Power of Personalized Video in Marketing

Personalized videos can help you reach your audience with hyper-relevant messaging, increase customer lifetime value and provide a much more engaging experience than a one-size-fits-all approach. Imagine what’s possible for your brand or organization with the right messaging strategy combined with the power of customer data to create personalized videos.


About the author:

Josh Stauffer

CEO & President, Blue Flame Thinking

An optimistic believer in digital’s transformative power on the landscape of B2B2C marketing, Josh brings over a decade of agency experience to his role as CEO and President of Blue Flame Thinking. He also brings a lifetime spent in the act of artistic creation and expression…and some serious programming skills. Josh’s journey from artist to programmer of enterprise-grade software applications to digital marketing team leader to business owner began with the realization that the act of creating is more important than the medium used.

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